Waterproof dog coats for best for hairless and short smooth coat dogs


Dog can be classified into 10 varieties based on their dog coats. We will be listing those 10 dog coats at the end, however, the purpose of this article is focussed on waterproof dog coats and best puppy coats to buy for your hairless dog and dogs with short smooth fur coats.
Rhodesian Ridgeback and bulldogs have a short coat and therefore would be the sort of dog that will need a coat for winter. The tend to compensate for this with their physical capabilities as they can warm themselves up by sprinting but that will make them use a lot of energy which during winter you want your dog to conserve.

Best dog coats for sale online

Other dogs that would benefit from buying these waterproof best dog coats and best puppy coats include (rangersdog.com/puppy-coats/):-
– American Foxhound,
– Basenji,
– Basset Hound,
– Beagle,
– Belgian Malinois,
– Bloodhound,
– Bull Terrier,
– Bullmastiff,
– Dachshund,
– Dalmatian,
– English Foxhound,
– French Bulldog,
– Great Dane,
– Greyhound,
– Jack Russell Terrier,
– Manchester Terrier,
– Pharoah Hound,
– Pug,
– Rottweiler,
– Saluki,
– Smooth Fox Terrier
– Whippet.

A lot of families in the UK have Labrador Retriever which have nice thick, double coat that can prove quite difficult to dry. For this reason it is highly advisable to get your labrador a weatherbeeta dog coat which is a great brand. Arguably the best dog fashion brand, weatherbeeta dog coat come from the same company reknown for it’s equistarian blankets used on horse backs and stables to keep the warm and dry during the cold months of winter.For more information about weatherbeeta coats for dogs visit greyhoundracinghistory.co.uk

How do I Choose my Dog a coat?

You start by measuring your dog to ensure you buy the right waterproof dog coat. The best way to measure your dog is from the neck to the base of the tail whiel your dog is stood up and head is held up high. Most dogs average between 10 inches to 30 inches.

Small dogs like Chihuahua, yorkies and Poodles (Toy) start just shy of 25cm which equates to ten or 10 inches. Jack Russells and Shih Tzu avaerage 30cm, Labradors and Golden Retrivers the mos popular dog breed averages 60 cm or 24 inches and Grand dane averaging 75cm which is equivalent to 30 inches.

When temperatures drop, some dogs may benefit from a sweater or jacket to keep warm and therefore each dogs needs should be individually considered when making a this important purchase. A simple test to see if your dog is cold is by feeling your dog, if she feels cold she must be cold and therefore will require some additional cover. Try buying a dog crate so you can ferry your dog out for a walk in a more sheltered environment like the woods if she doesn’t buy it use a dog toy to pull her in the crate.
Every dog requires exercise, it doesn’t have to be aggressive exercise as some dogs genetically subtle but if you love walking your dog outside into the wood everyday and yo see the signs of Shivering and reluctance to be outside, this is an indication that your dog may prefer to stay inside and be cozy and more so the need to be wearing a warm cosy waterproof dog coat.


When doing my research I considered jackets that were machine washable, waterproof and water resistant. The brands listed here are jackets best for cold weather that can insulate and keep your dog warm. If you want to keep your dog nice and toastie this winter read the review from rangersdog.com and see wide range of sizes, colours and online best bargains on waterproof dog coats to accommodate most dog breeds.

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