Dry Dog Food

Many dog owners well informed on what type of food our dogs our pets eat. To go straight to the point quality dog foods will contain easily-identifiable whole food ingredients and supplements which by law should be clearly labeled on all food products: For example, whole proteins, Grain-free, or contains whole grains, healthy supplements like omega-3 and finally Healthy vegetables which are good for fibre.
I remember when I was doign my research to find the best food I was a litlle confused on what the best complete dog food was for my puppy. It took me two months to finally decide whether to offer my puppy dry kibble or canned wet food. Yes, canned. I said it. Canned food have been proved to be highly nutritious compared to dry dog foods.
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One of the questions, I often see people ask ini forums or online is should I mix my kibble with water? If your dog shows less interest in its kibble it’s highly advisable to add some gravy, a quarter cup of water on top of the dry complete food will soften and give it some moisture to rekindle love of it’s food.
I personally like to mix wet food to the dry food. It’s best to consult with your vet before doing this as modern dry food are made as complete food therefore making changes to the content either adding or removing volumes. The main aim of mixing canned food to dry food is to increase the moisture content and enhance the flavor of their meal. This also allows you the flexibility of buying different types of food within a set budget.

So, Which Is the Best — Canned or Dry?

If you’re on a budget quality dry dog food is almost always a better buy. Since kibble is dry it can stay longer and wouldnt grow bacteria easily like wet food.