Dog Harnesses and Best Puppy Harness

Dog harnesses come in a variety of styles and uses. Harnesses are ideal for the modern dog as it is much more friendly when taking them for a walk than with a dog collar. This article has been written for both dog new and anyone looking for a bargain and the best dog harness in the UK.

What’s the best dog harness by category?

For those who have never had a dog harness before and wanted to know more about pros and cons you can read more about the best dog harnesses we’ve also included that in depth here.
1. Best Overall Harness – Julius K9 IDC Powerharness
2. Toughest Harness – Ruffwear Multi Use Harness
3. Most Secure Harness – FIE Harness
4. Best No Pull Harness – Truelove Harness
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How do I Choose a dog harness?

Choosing a great dog harness needs a few considerations. Before you rush into buying one make sure that you put these few points top of the list:-
– Will it keep your dog Safe?
– Check material and durability. Will it hold up to extensive use?
– Is it Comfortable for your dog? Is it designed to keep your dog feeling comfy while in use? Does it avoid putting pressure on their throat and neck? If these are not satisfactory do not buy it.
– Cost. Is it affordable?

Types of Dog harnesses?

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