Cat Tree Towers and Cat Scratchers

Why should you get a cat scratcher and cat tree tower? Rehoming a Cat can be great experience for any pet owner. Therefore, bringing home your cat and ensuring it fits in well and not damage your furniture is another thing and that is why every cat owner is advised to consider getting cat scratchers popularly known as cat scratching post.
Majority of the books I have read explains how you can choose the best cat scratching post and ways to ensure they fit in with your furniture and most importantly that they will result into scratching the post and not sharpen their claws on your beautiful sofas and coffee tables.
As a cat owner myself I choose a cat scratcher first as toy as cats are very playful animals and some may be used as a sleeping cat bed as they have resting positions on the towers.
We’ve done a lot of research for you to find the safest and best scratching posts listed below for you to decide which is best for your cat.

1. Large Vesper V-Box Cat Tree

This is a pretty piece that will match all styles and home decor. Comes with a cushioned overlay for your cats comfort and a removable scratching mat for easy cleaning. Ideal for active cats as it comes with playing balls and long scratching post.
• Removable scratching mat for easy cleaning.
• Can fit even the smallest spaces.
• Can be used well in multiple cat household.
• Plenty of space to relax and play.

2. Palace Feel Cat Scratching Tree

From stylish, multiple tiers for resting and playing and scratching posts. Bringing the palace cat tree home will allow your cats to sleep soundly—and safely, play and fulfil their natural instinct of scratching.
• Multiple levels of lay and play for your cat/cats/kittens.
• Made from natural sisal which is safe and environment friendly.
• Fits well with your home or room décor.
• Comes with two fur balls for your kitten play enjoyment.
• Can be placed near the window to allow your cat enjoy beautiful scenery.


3. Multiple Large Scratching Posts

The Amazon basics large 3 levels-7 scratching posts design has many positive reviews on Amazon and is beloved for its look and function. This simple inspired design makes it possible to incorporate an outdoor tree look with up-to-date safety features. It provides your feline friends with numerous places of sharpening its claws.
• Scratching post and can double up as a cat bed.
• Ideal to be placed in room corners due to square shaped base design.
• Easy to assemble.
• Large platforms offers your cat safe landing areas as she jumps.
• Comes with 7 scratching posts for your cat claws sharpening.

4. Milo & Misty Cat Scratching Post

Considering this piece is an exploration area, a bed, and play area, it is a win. The Milo and Misty scratching post is ideal for pet owners living in tiny apartments or who are short on space.
• Ideal for cats of all ages.
• Multifunctional area for play, scratch and rest.
• Comes with a swing ball and hanging mouse to keep your cat entertained when indoor.
• Safe for your cat as it has a sturdy base.
• Comfy padded raised bed for your cat snoozing time.
• Beautiful paw print encrypted to lime your home décor.
• Safe and environment friendly as it is made of natural sisal.

Your cat will spend a lot of time in its’ scratching post climbing and scratching sparing your furniture and carpet from tears and scratches. Make sure you buy one that is both safe and functional among the above 8 and keep your home tear free from your feline friend.

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