Beer Cash and Carry – Festive Multi-Buy Offers in Calais

It’s beginning to look a lot like the festive season … well not quite, but Xmas is definitely on the horizon, so it’s time for you to be looking out for some great gifts, as well as any special offers that can reduce your spending without short-changing your loved ones. When it comes to beers, not only are they a superb present for family and friends, but there are often some fantastic discounts available in you look in the right places, and so today we’re taking a look at some of the best festive beer multi-buy offers that are currently active.

Festive Beers from Cash and Carry Calais:

To begin with, we are profiling something that is very different, as we’re spotlighting a gift that would need to be used before Christmas. That’s because it is a special Craft Beer Advent Calendar, provided by Beer Hawk. It is currently on offer for £59.99, meaning a discount of ten pounds, and it offers 24 different beer bottles in one huge package. The variety between all of these beverages is astounding, not to mention the wonderful tastes that each of these unique beverages provide. Don’t forget that, because they are bottles, there is less urgency to have them finished off day-by-day, meaning that whatever you have left over can still be enjoyed during the festive season.

Next up, we have an offer concerning drinks that are designed to be used on the big day itself, but still have a festive flair. Best Of British Beer are providing a Christmas Beer 12-pack, and right now it is only £37.50. The beers all stand out for their unique ingredients, ensuring that no two drinks are the same, and while they contain several notable brewery brands, they all have that added Xmas bonus, ranging from Byatt’s XXXmas to Arkells’ Sir Noel to Bluestone’s Rockin Robin. If you’re looking for a great beer gift that includes all sorts of drinks with a festive vibe, all for a reduced price, this may be the perfect option.

Beer cash and carry

We finish off with a more traditional multi-buy offer for beers from Asda, as they are currently allowing you to mix and match, with any three beers to be bought for £21 in the form of cans and smaller bottles. The range here includes all of the big names that you would expect such as Stella Artois, Strongbow, Guinness, Carling, Coors Light, Heineken and many more. The earlier examples are gift-specific and tailored towards the holidays, but if your bread and butter is the brands that you will see in pubs and clubs everywhere, then this is the ideal offer to be taking advantage of this Christmas.

As you can see, then, there is no shortage of festive beer multi-buy offers heading into the winter. Find out more about the ways that you can take advantage of our own beer stock and save plenty of pounds by visiting