The Best Smart Luggage Trackers in 2018: GPS vs Bluetooth tracking devices

It’s heading to summer and everyone is planning a holiday of some sort abroad. Smart luggage trackers are super popular right now and for a good reason. Over 70,000 people lose their luggage every day. Yes, I did last year in Paris. Who wants to lose the luggage and be at the mercy of the airline! Fortunately, the tech market is packed full of companies offering you peace of mind with their luggage trackers. GPS trackers are small enough to neatly fit inside desktop computers, cars, and similar valuables.

My Lost Luggage Experience

It was Summer in Europe and I was heading to see friends in the continent for some warm weather away from Britain. Let’s face it, the weather here is so unpredictable and all we get is rain. So we booked flights and this time we decided to fly through Paris, France. To cut the story short, I spent 3 hours trying to find my luggage of the convey belt only to be told that my bags can’t be traced even though they were loaded on the flight. See why I decided to write my review on the best luggage tracker.
I have used all the tracking devices listed below and the reviews include both facts plus my personal experience with Trackdot, Lugloc and SPYtec.

How Do Luggage Trackers Actually Work?

We have 3 technologies used that enable tracking possible:
– Bluetooth (Depends with distance). Bluetooth trackers can be used to locate lost keys, purse, bag pack or wallet and usually have a range of 50feet.
– GSM (Simcard)
– GPS (Satellite link) offers the most accurate but this depends on software running the tracking device. GPS trackers use cellular technology where it transmits your item GPS location to a server and can monitor the location from anywhere using your smartphone

The Best Luggage Trackers

There are other products and options on the market, but from what I have been able to find nothing beats these 3 products:

1. Trackdot Smart Luggage Location Tracker

The Trakdot has an attractive outer design housing a standard GPS tracking unit. This tracker is clever. Once the aircraft lands, it finds and employs the local cellular network to contact the owner and report its position via email or text. If you do not have an active cellular plan you can use the Trackdot as a simple Bluetooth tracker. Trakdot employs newly patented micro-electronics and ground-based cellular telephone technologies to track and report. The first annual fee is included in the purchase price.

2. Lugloc Smart Luggage Tracker Locator

If your checked luggage has anything of value, then it should have a LugLoc next to it. Unlike most other Cell connected devices LugLoc allow you to pay per use rather than a monthly or annual subscription fee. LugLoc Luggage Locator is proven to help travelers from losing their luggage or ever worrying about lost luggage when travelling. LugLoc helps you see that your bags are in the airport, and is built for travellers to follow their luggage. This lightweight device also comes with a USB cable and a charger to keep that battery full until you place it in your bag.

3. SPY Tec Smart Luggage Tracker Locator

One thing to notice about the GL300 is it’s clearly made to double as a personal and vehicle GPS tracker, and not solely intended to spend its days inside your luggage. It has a geofence feature and you will get notified once your tracked item leaves the radius area. It’s biggest feature is the SOS button which can be configured to even alert the police or someone in contact list. It’s runs on a subcription package which compared to other tracker is above average. It has an available waterproof magnetic case lets you easily attach to assets like cars or bags. You can track and map (with Google Maps) in real-time over the Internet.


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